The weekend!

I'm sitting on my couch savoring the last hours of Sunday. I love Sunday's, especially what happens after church . . . good food, time with friends, and a long nap. Today we had a meeting after church so we didn't get to lunch till later than normal. We ended up going to butterburger heaven, AKA Culver's, with some friends. Ava enjoyed some of Chris' cod fillet, green beans, and of course french fries. She loves to eat, and she does it in such a dainty way it's great entertainment!
On Friday we went to a Jared Anderson concert. I've attached a link for those of you interested! He has recently become one of our favorites, we sing several of his songs in youth group. Check it out . . . it's actually kinda funny because he messes up in the middle of the song and has to stop and find his chord on the guitar.

After the concert we went to a friends and played a mix of guitar hero and pool, oh and a movie about Tina Turner was on Lifetime and you know how those suck you in . . .
Saturday was productive. Ava slept in until 8:30 . . .woo hoo!! So we made breakfast, got our Honda Pilot all cleaned up for pictures to put up for sale on car soup. We really like the car, but hate the gas . . .$3.15 here in the great state of MN! After that fancy stuff we took Jon & Elissa to the airport and then headed over to the Wendt's for a fish fry and card playing night! It was great fun and Jeff & Tiffany were in rare form, giving us plenty to laugh at!

And now here I am . . . Sunday! Church was great. Lunch was great. My nap was AWESOME! And then we all went to the park. Ava went down her first "big" slide today and she was all smiles. That smile makes Chris & I so happy to be alive, blessed to be in love and grateful for the time we get to see her grow up into an amazing little girl!