The Birdie Takes Flight!

Chris and I love being parents. Every stage we've experienced in the last 14 months has been special. There is an ever increasing list of "I'll Never Forget When . . . " that probably all parents have. Last week we got to add one . . . Ava started walking. Her first steps on her own were motivated by FOOD! She knew I was getting her dinner ready and walked from the refrigerator to her highchair, and then confidently looked back at me as if to say, "c'mon Mom, put me up here!"

We had to add another "I'll Never Forget When", but this one isn't as pleasant, and if you don't like bodily fluids you might want to stop reading now. It was Tuesday night and I'm all dolled up waiting for Chris to get home so that I can go out with some girlfriends. Ava hadn't been her normal self all day and I decided to put her to bed a little early. So, we're heading to her room when all the sudden she starts screaming. Seconds later, she's throwing up all over me. Instead of urgently rushing to the bathroom I decide to sit down on the floor, turn her into my lap and let her continue throwing up all over me. I figured this was helping me by creating less mess on the carpet. After she was done, she was completely shell shocked. She didn't know what to think. I felt so bad for her. I'm sad to report that she's currently not feeling better either. She threw up again today. One selfish bright spot in all of this is that she is extra cuddly with us. We're soaking it up and letting her lay all over us :)


Hayley said...

Sweet little Ava walking! I love it! I think it's time you make a trip to visit me! Her and Sienna would get along great!

I'm sorry she's sick. The funny part is I have let both of my kids puke all over me to keep it off the carpet too.

That's love, right?
Love you.

Troy and Cami said...

cute video, i never catch those moments on video. im so sorry ava is sick, i have two sick kids also, plus myself, it sucks. i have let my kids puke all over me also, its so hard watching them be sick.

Katie said...

Hannah Ramser! This is Katie (Lawlor) Davis- AKA Brawlor. I found your blog through Hayley's and had to say hi. I don't think I've seen you since high school- long time! Your little one is darling! How are you? You will have to send me your email address so I can invite you to see my blog:

Cody & Ashley Godfrey said...

Sweet, your comments are on. Last time I peeked I couldn't say HI! Your little Ava is darling! Isn't it sad how fast they grow up?
I'm excited that I can see how you're doing now. I hope all is going GREAT!