Life in the Fast Lane!

It's been a whirlwind 2 weeks! Last week we were in Florida for a church conference, and before any of you start thinking how glamourous it must have been let me just tell you, it wasn't. We were outside by the pool for maybe 3hours, the other 69hours were in doors. On top of that we didn't have Ava with us, so needless to say I was homesick. Mom Bechtel came and stayed with Ava and they had a lot of fun. I have some pictures to show, I'm just looking for some free time to add them! We got home last Thursday night and then had a youth group event on Friday night. We had food, video games, and music, but some of the kids started getting antsy so we decided to play Duck, Duck, Grey Duck! Imagine a circle of 40 teenagers playing that game. It got a little chaotic and at times dangerous, but lots of FUN! My butt still hurts from sliding into my spot when I was picked . . . it's all or nothing with me and competitive sports, and yes, I consider Duck, Duck, Grey Duck competitive.

This week has been a crazy week too. Here's what it's looked like in a nut shell:
I've worked 40 hours, Chris' work computer is completely broken, so he's been dealing with that while at the same time negotiating a deal with a guy who wants to buy our Honda Pilot (yippee), and I started packing on Tuesday for our road trip to Missouri (we leave Friday) and I haven't even finished Ava yet! I can't wait to get on the road and unwind!

I'll try to post some pics real quick tonight! I can't wait to show you all some more video of Ava. She's cruising so fast, and her body gets ahead of her skills, so she flops all over the place. She took a tumble down the last 3 steps this morning on our way out the door. She was wailing and crying and when she stopped for air she blew out a huge snot bubble! I couldn't help but giggle a little bit, she looked so cute! She's really perfecting her pouty face!