Special Moments in Missouri!

Papa got out the tool box and put this Clifford toy together for Ava. He had it just about completed when he realized the "extra pieces"! He took it apart, found a place for the pieces and had it back together in time for Ava to play with after her nap!

We celebrated Papa's birthday together by eating one of his favorite meals . . .TACOS! Chris & I got to prepare it for him. He even stepped out on a limb and ate organic, blue corn chips with the homemade quacomloe :) You're never to old to try something new!
One night Chris & I went on a date night while Ava stayed home with Mimi & Grandpa! When we left she was in the bath (one of her favorite places). When we got home Mom & Dad told us how much fun she had after the bath. They were getting her dressed for bed and she was really putting on the show . . . jumping on the bed, throwing her body on the pillows and giggling, my dad thought she was "hilarious". This is a huge compliment coming from my Dad! Whatever she did she wore herself out . . .

Even though I lived in Missouri for 15 years I was too young to explore Kansas City and never really thought much of it. Boy was I surprised how cool it was! We were driving in an older part of the downtown and we saw this amazing mural . . .beauty is found in unlikely places!


Hayley said...

I am seriously impressed with you updating your blog, I really didn't think it could last! I bet your mom and dad just loved having a night with Ava all to themselves. I hope they fed her cookies. Lots of cookies.

Kenna said...

Good post.