D.C. Trip

Our trip was AWESOME! We started it with a delicious italian lunch and then we hit the town! 1st stop . . . the Holocaust Memorial. We spent 3 hours in awe of the horror that mankind can ensue. It was a sobering experience, but well worth the heartache to remember the innocence of life lost.

Chinatown was a great mix of dirty city & delicious food! We ate at a great little hole in the wall "Chinatown Express"! They made noodles right there in the resturant and served 'em up. The owner of the place was a jolly Chinese man, always smiling & he made our experience most memorable. At one point in the meal he came over and offered us a stack of paper napkins even though we had a stack sitting right there on the table.

The next two days were spent seeing as much as we could. We had a great tour guide book that mapped out the most efficient way to see the best of D.C. in 3 days! Some of our highlights were the Lincoln Memorial, Eastern Market neighborhood walk, and the FDR memorial. Our last night in D.C. was spent in 'Old Town'. It was a spectacular way to end the trip. The streets were lined with people eating dinner, kids and adults alike eating oversized ice cream cones, and groups of musicians filling the air with their folk music! It was romantic & I loved it!

Thanks to my wonderful sister & mom, we were able to spend 4 days away from Ava in complete confidence that she was getting the royal treatment :) And boy did she! She probably played harder in those 4 days with Mimi & Aunt Jo than she has in all her life.

The biggest props go to my hubby . . . he wanted to make a not so special birthday "27", more special with a great trip! Thanks babe! I love you!


Hayley said...

How fun! I am impressed with Chris for spoiling you so. I got your message today, and it made me smile. I sure miss you...and are you really planning a trip to Utah, because I know where you could stay...

My husband surprised just today by booking a trip to San Fransico for my birthday...I. Am. Excited.

Love you.

Troy and Cami said...

wow, i am so jealous i want to go on a trip so bad, anywhere i don't care, just somewhere with just the two of us. if you come to logan you better plan a lunch with all of us.

Dustin and Shelli Chambers said...

Hi Hannah-banana, how fun to find your blog! that Hayley is amazing! Your little girl is beautiful, just like her mama! Good to see you are doing great!
Shelli (webb) Chambers

Katie said...

Hannah! You are such a cutie. What a fun trip. I was remembering this one day we were riding in the old volkswagon rabbit (isn't that what kind of car you had?)and you totally killed it at a 4-way stop in Hyde Park while we were jamming out R-E-S-P-E-C-T... remember? You might not, people always say Tara and I remember way too much. Oh well!