Gratefully Spoiled

My thoughtful husband put together a fantastic weekend to celebrate our 6th Anniversary, as well as my 27th birthday. Saturday was our anniversary and I woke up to these, accompanied by a delicious breakfast from Panzanella, which Chris went and picked up before 7:30am! We had dinner at Big Bowl where we enjoyed eating outside on the patio (my favorite place to eat in the summer). I tried their homemade ginegerale, and I'm a fan. It tasted like freshly extracted ginger juice with carbonation. Add a couple squeezes of fresh lemon juice to that and you've got yourself a non-alcoholic beverage that will really get the blood pumping! We finished the night with a special trip to the MOVIES!!! YEAH!! We saw 'Get Smart' and I would recommend it to anyone. I laughed so hard I cried. Woop Woop for Steve Carrell.

Then on Sunday was my big day! We had our normal morning and afternoon routine with church, but the night time was anything but. We missed having some of our closest friends there, but it was still a party. Complete with a pinata smashing and all. Chris Owen was the 1st place winner of the game "Who Knows Hannah Best". This is really funny to anyone who knows the history between me & Chris:) The best part of the night was the pinata though. See 30 year olds get spun around and then swing at a hanging donkey is pretty hilarious!

Chris spinning Faith around. That's right, double blind folded!!

Ava & Dalaney throwing ice from the cooler. They were entertained by this for quite a while:)

Faith (left side) made me a scrumptous cake! Lindsey (right side) brought the beautiful flowers!

Thanks to all my family and friends that sent money and cards! I'm so spoiled by the love and generosity of so many and for that I'm GRATEFUL! Love to you all.


Trisha said...

Happy Birthday! Glad to see that you had such a fun party!

elissak said...

looks like your bday was a blast! so sad we missed the first big bash of the summer! love you han!

Hayley said...

I suck. My goal was to remember your birthday this year and send you something wonderful.

And I didn't.

Sorry! but I love you, and always miss you-and am wondering if you were serious about a trip to the old ut-because I would love it. Give Ava hugs and kisses!

Hayley said...

Oh and I just read Katie's comment about the old vw dying in the street and it brought back a whole slew of memories.

I miss our summer drives.

Troy and Cami said...

happy birthday,what a sweet husband, it's always fun getting roses. sounds like you had a great party.

Shelly and her boys said...

happy late birthday! it looks like you were spoiled! Way to go Chris!

Troy and Cami said...

hey you, update!