Too Busy to Blog

I'M BACK! Theres been a lot of busyness & no blogging going on in the Bechtel household. As I write Chris is in El Salvador for the week with 18 students and adults from church. Me and Ava are trying to make the most of life without Daddy, but it's just not the same around here without his funny faces, voices, & all around ways! Exhibit A below: "Head gear" for NERTS. A card game we're addicted to playing with our neighbors!

In the time I've been away there has been the annual Bechtel garage sale . . . This is the sale that we work really hard to get everything together hoping to make $$$$ and never walk away with more than $! But it's great people watching & interacting.
A one week visit in Missouri . . . Just me and Ava since Chris was at church camp with 500 teenagers. Sounds fun doesn't it???
And of course, some summer play dates! It's fun to see Ava at the age where she is actually playing with other kids. Sharing is a concept she is beginning to learn, and the theme of play dates always seems to be which girl can make the highest pitch noise with the biggest smile on her face. Dalaney (below) is one of her best play mates.
Ava is no longer our baby, but our beautiful toddler. She's our sunshine . . .
Our bookworm . . .and yes, of course that's a Pug Book!
Our Picture Poser . . .
And our Adventurer . . . She is the biggest joy of our lives (next to Jesus Christ) & the evidence of love is crystal clear when you look in her smiling face.


Hayley said...

OH Ava is getting so big! And so beautiful! It is breaking my heart just a little. I miss you, like always.

Trisha said...

She really is such a beautiful little girl!